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Anti-Mould Cleaning Kit

Anti-Mould Cleaning Kit Anti-Mould Cleaning Kit Ref: MOULDKIT

Anti-Mould Cleaning Kit

Fight mould with our anti-mould kit.

Kit Contains: HG Mould Spray 500ml which effectively removes all black and brown stains caused by mould, fungus, moss and algae inside and outside. HG Mould Spray bleaches grey and black mould spots and green algae spots.

These unsightly black or brown marks are found on the silicon seal between the bath tub and edges of tiles, on the shower cubicles and on plaster. For cleaning tiled walls, (also suitable for marble) and grouting in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, cellar, basement, sauna, garage, shed etc. It also cleans facades, balconies, plant boxes and garden ornaments but NOT wood.

Also contains Fungicidal Wash 1 litre for treating mould or mildew on ceilings and interior and exterior walls.

Our Fungicidal Wash 1 litre kills, and prevents the re-appearance of unsightly growths of mould, algae, fungi, moss etc. on ceilings and interior or exterior walls. Most effective for use prior to re-painting.

Dilutes with water to make 5 litres which is sufficient to treat an area of approx. 15-35 m² depending on the strength of the growth.

Click here to download our FREE leaflet to advise on damp and mould problems (pdf).

Price:    10.96 Including  VAT at 20%


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HG Hagesan Mould Spray Usage Instructions

Directions for use: HG Mould Remover has a bleaching action. If in doubt first test HG Mould Spray on an inconspicuous area or use Fungicidal Spray. Do not remove fungi and algae, but remove moss layers before using HG Mould Spray.

HG Mould Cleaner has a child saftey spray nozzle. Press on top of the nipple at the front of the pump and turn a quarter (STREAM or SPRAY). Spray the surface from 3-5 cm distance and leave HG Mould Spray to work for 30 minutes. In the case of stubborn stains, spray again and leave to work for another 30 minutes. Clean the sprayed surface with a sponge and water. Elastic grouting (for instance silicone paste) must be washed off after 30 minutes and treated with HG Mould Spray again. Turn the nipple a quarter backwards after use into the saftey position.

For cleaning large surfaces with green deposits we advise using HG Green Slime Remover

Dosage: 500ml of HG Mould Spray is suitable for 2-3 square metres of wall surfaces, 6-8 square metres of tiled floors.

Attention: Ventilate well when using HG Mould Cleaner. We recommend using our Odour Respirator and Eye Protection. Wear rubber / plastic gloves. Prevent splashing HG Mould Spray on clothing, (high) gloss paint and laminated blinds. Rinse with water immediately in case of contact with skin, clothing and sensitive surfaces. Avoid contact with metals and do not treat coloured surfaces (for coloured surfaces use Fungicidal Spray. We do not recommend using HG Mould Spray on artexed ceilings.

In elastic grouting (for instance silicone paste) sometimes some permanent brown discolouration may occur after using HG Mould Spray. In badly glazed tiles and old tiles with hairline cracks brown discolouration may appear. This brown colour can be removed with Hypo (Sodium Thiosulfate) which can be obtained from HG Hagesan UK - please contact them on 01206 795200 if required.

Fungicidal Wash - Usage Instructions

Application: Shake container well before use. Dilute one part Fungicidal Wash to 4 parts clean water in a clean container.

Treat the surface by applying the solution liberally with a brush. Apply at a rate of 1 Litre of solution per 3-7 m².

Allow to dry for 24 hours, then thoroughly scrape or brush the surface with a stiff brush to remove all the growth and any flaking paint.

Treat the surface again with a second application.

We recommend using our Odour Respirator and Eye Protection. Do not apply to any outside surfaces in wet weather.

The surface may be overpainted in 24 hours. We suggest using Thompsons Stain Blocking Damp Seal on interior walls.

After Use: Remove as much product from the application equipment before cleaning. Wash equipment thoroughly in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Do not empty product into drains or watercourses.

Please read statutory conditions relating to use on bottle before using.

Paint and Odour Respirator Mask Paint and Odour Respirator Mask Ref: 404974

Paint and Odour Respirator Mask

Protects lungs against fine non-toxic particles, with breathe-easy valve for extra comfort. Charcoal filter provides relief from household odours and irritants (i.e. for brush and roller application of most domestic cleaning materials, paint and varnish)

Universal fitment with elastic straps.

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Price:    4.99 Including  VAT at 20%


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