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Oven Mate - Powerful Oven Cleaner
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Oven Mate Oven Mate Ref: 0629

Oven Mate - SAVE £1 when you buy 2

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There's no doubt that for most of you, cleaning the oven and grill pan is the worst chore in the kitchen, and most oven cleaners don't measure up to the task. Well, meet the exception!

Industrial Strength Oven Mate Gel Oven Cleaner. Recommended by Neff. Oven Mate Gel removes stubborn baked on grease and oil. Simply apply Oven Mate with the supplied brush, Oven Mate Gel saves hours of hard work - no scrubbing. Oven Mate rinses off easily.

We were astounded by Oven Mate, and you will be too as this powerful, biodegradable oven cleanerleaves your oven looking like new, even removing the most stubborn baked-on fat and oil.

Best of all Oven Mate has no acrid smell and you won't need to scrub. Includes a brush plus a pair of protective gloves.

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To help make your oven cleaning easier in the future, keep it cleaner with our Non-Stick Oven Liner.


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Price:    6.95 Including  VAT at 20%


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Oven Mate - Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions:

1. Shake the bottle well before use.

2. Spread Oven Mate Cleaning Gel evenly with the brush provided. As a guide, spread the same thickness of Oven Mate as the material to be removed.

3. Leave Oven Mate Gel working until it turns brown. This could take between 3 minutes and 3 hours.

4. Wipe off residue with a cloth.

5. If material to be cleaned is not fully removed, repeat actions 2-4 until satisfied.


1. Do not allow Oven Mate Gel to drip on any other surface whilst applying.

2. Not for use on aluminium, brass, copper, anodised, teflon coated or painted materials.

3. Oven Mate Gel Cleaner can be used on oven glass windows, but do not allow to spread or drip on to rubber seals.

4. Do not use Oven Mate when oven is hot.

5. Not for use on self-clean surfaces in self-clean ovens.

6. Reference should always be made to the manufacturers recommended instructions for cleaning.

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