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At Last! Now You Can Recycle With Confidence.

Are you unsure as to what can be recycled when faced with the ever growing plethora of bags and bottles and general household waste that you get through every week?

Have you ever had your recycling refused because you had the wrong things in the bin?

Well worry no more.

It has taken a while but now recyclers, local authorities and waste management companies have sat down to hammer out a definitive list of what can and cannot be accepted for recycling at the kerbside.

The Recycling Guidelines, developed by WRAP with industry, hope  to make it easier and less confusing for households to recycle more effectively across the country.

WRAP’s 2016 Recycling Tracker Survey found that two thirds of UK households (66%) said they we unsure how to correctly dispose of one or more items and almost half (49%) admitted to disposing of one or more items in the general rubbish bin when they are collected for recycling locally.

The guidelines have been designed to help reduce confusion amongst householders across the country and help ensure that all items that can be recycled are being collected for recycling.

The guidelines cover paper, card, cartons, metal, plastic and glass packaging, and food waste and for each material outline:
What can be included in a collection and what cannot;
How the materials should be presented for recycling (i.e. rinsing, lids on/off); and concise reasons why certain items cannot be accepted or should be presented in a particular way.

A large proportion of the items we sell have recyclable cartons or containers and when faced with an ever increasing demand Eco friendliness in our cleaning products, this proportion is only going to get larger and with the guidelines now freely and publically available for all to read and use, it is nice to know that you can recycle our items with confidence.

The full list of guidelines and other pertinent information can be found on WRAP’s (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) own website HERE

How To – Prepare your Home For Winter

The Summer sun has faded and the year grows old and darker days are drawing near.

That is a line from a favourite song of mine and it is surprisingly apt. It is mid October and the nights are drawing in and getting decidedly chillier.

Before winter takes hold in its frosty fingers, here are a couple of things you might want to do to get your home prepared for the colder season.

Check the Guttering.


Making sure all those Autumn leaves and old birds nests are cleared out and there is no foliage or moss that could potentially block the down pipe. If the water can’t escape properly, it could overflow into the roof space or down the exterior walls and cause damage.

Sweep the chimney.


This ensures that the smoke and gasses from the coal fire escape properly into the atmosphere and not into your living room with potentially lethal consequences. Also this will ensure there is virtually no risk of a flue or chimney fire. (For detailed information on cleaning the chimney, check out a previous blog here.)

Have the Boiler Checked. This is something you want to do now rather than later, it is no fun trying to do without heating in 0°C weather and it will also ensure you are not having any issues with carbon monoxide leakage. Having heat and hot water when the thermometer bottoms out will also ensure your pipes won’t freeze, which brings me to.

Check the insulation on your pipes, and while you are at it, check the insulation in the loft too. With over 25% of your heat is lost through the roof, having good loft insulation is a must if you want to keep warm this winter and save some pennies on the energy bills as well. Checking the pipe insulation for holes or general deterioration will ensure your pipes don’t freeze up if it gets really cold.

If you have a wood burning stove, give it a really good clean to ensure there is no creosote build up and the exhaust pipe is clear of tar, give the front glass a really good clean too as this will aid in the distribution of the heat more efficiently. (For help with cleaning the stove glass, read our previous blog here.)

Check your insurance coverage. Check out your home insurance policy to make sure you have adequate cover for winter related damages. The last thing you want or need is to have something unfortunate happen only to find you are not covered for it. Home repairs are costly, especially if it structural so don’t skimp on the cover.


Hopefully, these few hints and tips will go some way to helping you stay warm and toasty and give you peace of mind this winter.

Norton Security Warnings.

We have been getting reports from our customers concerning security warnings they are getting when visiting our website.

This is an issue for users of Norton Internet Security Software, unfortunately, this tends to come pre-installed on most shop bought computers and is sometimes over zealous when it comes to website security classification, especially if you have not visited the website before.

Our site uses SSL 256 bit security encryption which is the same as your online banking security and we are 100% secure.

We have contacted Norton and Microsoft regarding this issue and they are investigating the cause, in the meantime, they performed a security check on our site and have verified that we are secure and our site carries no threats. The screen below is their results.


Please be assured that any security warnings Norton’s security software throws out in relation to our site are false and you can happily shop with confidence that your information or details are secure.

FREE Yogi Choco Mint Tea.

No! your eyes do not deceive you, the title is correct, FREE!

Buy any 3 boxes (or more) of Yogi Tea and we will throw in a box of the best selling Choco Mint flavour tea absolutely free.*

That is 17 teabags of chocolate minty goodness in your cup for free, nowt, zip, nada, nothing, not costing a penny, completely free.


Take a look at our range of Yogi Tea and pick your favourite or maybe try a new blend and be surprised.

*While stocks last.

Take Advantage Of Our October Offer.

It is not often we get the chance to do this, normally our products are as competitively priced as we can make them and still keep the lights on, however our friends over at HG Hagesan have given us a few pennies off of particular product we frequently order and we thought we would sacrifice the office doughnut this time and share the good fortune with you, our faithful customers.

Until the end of the month, we are giving a further 15% discount over and above our already great price on HG Hagesan Spot and Stain Spray Cleaner. This means the price drops from £4.84 inc VAT down to £4.12 Inc VAT *Shipping not included*



Ever dropped anything on your sofa or your carpet? well Spot and Stain Spray Cleaner has been specially developed for removing stains and dirt from carpet and upholstery. Furthermore, it has a dirt repellent action to prevent rapid resoiling.

Just spray and wipe.

Just take a look at the video below on how to use it.

Just add the product to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied at the checkout, but, do not hang around, when the clock chimes the midnight hour on All Hallows Eve, the price will revert back to normal.

Hopefully, we will get the chance to offer similar discounts in the future, who knows, after all Black Friday and Christmas are just around the corner. Stay tuned.

Top Of The Shop – September

It’s that time again, where we take a look at our Top 10 best sellers from the previous month. With Autumn firmly entrenched and Winter’s frosty fingers just over the horizon, it’s all change with 6 new entries. Let’s take a look see.

*Cue Led Zeppelin – A Whole Lotta Love*

New in at N°10HG Rapid Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Also new at N°9 – Kilrock Damp Clear 1kg (500g x 2 Refill Sachets).

Up 2 at N°8 – Pure-Spa Whirlpool Spa Bath Sanitiser Tablets.

A surprise new entry at N°7 – Cholula Original Hot Sauce 150ml.

Up 2 places to N°6 – Aristowax Non-Silicone Wood Silk Furniture Polish 250ml.

Our biggest climber, up 3 to N°5 – No More Spiders Spider Repellent Spray.

Another new entry at N°4 – Rentokil Insectrol Insect Killer Spray 250ml.

New at N°3 – HG Mould Spray.


Up 1 place to N°2 – HG Window Cleaner.


A  brand new N°1 – HG Sticker Remover.


That is it for another month. Interestingly, looking back to September last year, the top 2 are exactly the same just reversed, maybe it is a seasonal thing for September. We will have to wait and see.

Until next month, Bye Bye.