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Granite Gold Is Finally Here And There Is Something New

When our order from Granite Gold finally arrived yesterday after months at sea, we were mildly surprised to find a brand new product nestled away at the back of the container. We are pleased to announce the full Granite Gold range has been unpacked and stocked in and is now already flying off the shelves.

Granite Gold Outdoor Stone Cleaner had for ages, been available in a 1.8 litre “jerry” can style, specially designed to use with a garden hose for cleaning large area of exterior stone work like a patio or driveway. Now it seems Granite Gold have produced a version of their outdoor stone cleaner that is for use on a more regular basis and on a smaller area where the regular cleaner would be too impractical or wasteful.

Introducing, Granite Gold Outdoor Stone Cleaner Spray.

A general purpose cleaner, specially designed to use on the smaller exterior stonework, for instance, outdoor stone tables and kitchens, BBQ islands, stone counters and more. Safe to use on Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate and Natural Quartz surfaces. Bottled in a convenient handheld trigger spray, literally just spray and wipe, it’s that easy to use.

With Spring just around the corner and the promise of better weather ahead, now is the time to give that exterior stonework a thorough cleaning so that when you can finally spend some quality time in the garden, everything is spick and span.

Pick some up sooner rather than later and get the jump on the spring cleaning also, with a 3 month round trip to restock, grab it now.

New Product! Aquazzee. A Food Safe and 100% Natural Disinfectant

One of the biggest concerns that people have with their household cleaning regime is “are the products I am using really safe to use?” especially on kitchen surfaces where food is prepared.

Allow me to allay this particular concern. A brand new product crossed my desk recently and I feel I need to tell you all about it.


Aquazzee – Foosan. Made by a UK company called EezzeE,  it is a 100% natural disinfectant, so natural in fact, the principle ingredient is already a chemical that is naturally produced by our bodies Hypochlorous acid and saline, the product is so safe, below is a video demonstration of the product, the demonstrator actually drinks it!! (You can’t do that with Domestos!).

It goes on to kill 99.9999% of Pathogens and is effective against E. Coli, S. aureus, C.diff, MRSA and Norovirus (a nasty bunch, you wouldn’t want to contract).



Today, we rely on various chemicals to clean our environment and make it safe to inhabit, even though cleaning liquids are as safe as they can be and still be effective at doing their job, it is nice to know that there is a product on the market, that is completely safe to use, even if it does taste funny.

Available to buy now, click the link in green above or the image to be taken to the product page where for a limited time you can save £2.00 off the Recommended Retail Price or make greater savings by buying a case of 6.

Announcement! – A Brand New Product From HG Hagesan

This does not happen very often, where I get the chance to announce a new addition to the HG Hagesan family, but late last year, they unveiled a new variation of their incredible, best selling, Mould Spray.

HG Hagesan are great believers in the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. They only make a change to a product if it is absolutely necessary or to improve an already impressive item and make it better, and this is what they have done.They have taken the already brilliant Mould Spray and made it even better.

Introducing Mould Remover Foam Spray.

It still has the same fantastic mould eradication formula found in the liquid version Mould Spray but it is now a foam instead. What this means is that you have better control over where you want the product to go, it won’t spread out like a liquid and because it is a foam, it can stick to surfaces like walls and tiles and get right to the places that you want to treat, more effectively.

Another great benefit of it being a foaming agent over a liquid is that it is not as “pungent” as the liquid version, that said you still need to ventilate the room while using, it just means it won’t burn your nostril hairs like before. It is stronger too, meaning it takes a lot less effort to achieve the desired results, and no scrubbing is a win in anyone’s book.

All in all, Mould Remover Foam Spray is another step up from it’s older brother Mould Spray in the same way that Google is a step up from a library, they both do the same job, it’s just Google is easier to use and more convenient and I can easily see this being as popular if not more so than the currently massive selling Mould Spray. As always, click the green links to go directly to the product page.

Until the next time, Bye for now.

Enjoy Some “Me” Time With Pure Spa Aromatherapy Bath Fragrances.

Whirlpool baths, Jacuzzis and Garden Hot tubs are wonderful things to have, they give you that extra dimension to a bath, they both relax and invigorate you simultaneously. One of the biggest issues with owning one is finding something suitable that you can use to make the session smell good, because of how they work, you can’t just “pop into” Boots or The Body Shop and use any old bubble bath, you need to have a low foaming or preferably no foaming compound and most of them tend to smell like you are boiling old socks.

For the longest time, Pure Spa who are specialists in Whirlpool baths and Spas, produced a specific low foaming set of fragrances that were popular and smelled really good. Unfortunately, these were discontinued by Pure Spa at the end of last year. As it turns out, it was to make way for a new and better product.


Pure Spa Aromatherapy Bath Fragrances are specially designed to be used in Whirlpool Baths, Jacuzzis, Spas and Garden Hot tubs as well as your own normal bathtub.


Available in six fabulous fragrances, the essential oils will take you to a whole other level of relaxation and invigoration. You can choose from, (just click the fragrance to go directly to the product page).

Rose: A wonderfully intense sweet floral fragrance that brings harmony and balance for mind and body.

Orchid: A sweetly seductive fragrance that is a delight to the senses and a lovely skin refresher.

Lavender: A soft, cool herbal fragrance that is renowned for its calming properties, relieving the tensions and stresses of modern life.

Jasmine: A sweetly spicy sensual fragrance that soothes and lifts the spirit, creating a feeling of positivity.

Green Tea: A coolly subtle fresh fragrance to both soothe and stimulate the senses, uplifting the spirit.

Eucalyptus: An invigorating, refreshing fragrance that clears the mind and senses, aiding concentration and helping to make breathing easier.

The Eucalyptus in particular is going to be very useful when the dreaded winter colds strike. These are really potent, you just need a capful, about 25ml and that will give you 10 applications.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Hot Tub or a Whirlpool Bath, so I am just going to have to make do with my ordinary boring bathtub but at least I have a fragrance for all moods without spending a small fortune on bubble bath. That will keep the missus happy.


Proud To Announce – Problem Solved

Homecare Essentials is proud to announce a new product range. From the boffins that gave us the best selling “Inspired” range of products, comes a new line of cleaning products specially formulated to solve a specific problem.

“Got a freezer clogged with ice? – Problem Solved!”

“Out and about and got something icky on your hands? – Problem Solved!”

“Got a Tablet or a Mobile that’s covered in finger marks? – Problem Solved!”

The Problem Solved range offer cleaning solutions for the more “unusual” jobs that arise in the home, for instance, is there someone in your home that uses a hearing aid? now you can get a cleaner and sanitiser dedicated for it. Do you dread having to use the bathroom after it has just been vacated? well now there is an answer to that too and it is not an air freshener or plug in.

From kitchen sink grease trap cleaners to urine stain removers and odour neutralisers, Problem Solved will have that “problem solved!”

We have a selection of items from the range in stock at the moment. More are being added to our catalogue soon so click HERE and discover the items for yourself and you may find your Problem Solved!.

We Are Proud To Announce –

The Latest Homecare Essentials Own Brand Product. 

Launched today, the Homecare Essentials Mattress Stain Remover.



We haven’t just stuck our own label over another product, this has been specially formulated exclusively for us by the chemistry wizards over at McKlords Chemical (they make the best selling Inspired Range of cleaning products).

Designed specifically for dried-in stains (these are the hardest to remove), the super strong formula just “eats” the stain and leaves you with a clean mattress and the best part, you didn’t even need to scrub, Just, spray, leave and wipe. Job done. This will work on all types of mattress except for Tempur and Memory Foam (these are just giant sponges and any type of liquid will just permeate right through the depth of the material and be impossible to remove).

Because we are always trying to give you the best value, we are providing an extra 200ml of cleaning goodness over the next best selling brand, 500ml, that’s half a litre in a bottle for just £4.49 plus postage.

Just click the link at the top of the page to go to the product page on our website.

Introducing Bartoline Clean Spirit – The Safer Alternative To White Spirit

Clean Spirit Group

CLEAN SPIRIT is a revolutionary water based alternative to White Spirit, Turpentine Substitute and Brush Cleaner. Due to the minimal solvent content, Clean Spirit is safer for the user and to the environment. The mix of high tech components are all readily biodegradable.

Clean Spirit can be used to clean both oil and water based paints from brushes, rollers and paint pads. Containing a specialised conditioning agent, paint implements are left feeling soft and supple. Clean Spirit may also be used to remove paint spills from hard surfaces such as worktops, laminate flooring, glass, etc, as well as from textiles such as clothing and carpets. It also makes an excellent degreasing fluid for removing oil and grease from tools. In tests, users stated there was no difference in cleaning qualities between White Spirit and Clean Spirit, and when removing paint from textiles, they thought Clean Spirit performed better.

Classified as Low in Volatile Organic Compounds, with a solvent content of below 8%, Clean Spirit is safer for the environment, especially when compared with traditional solvents that are regarded as Very High VOC’s with 100% solvent content. Clean Spirit carries no Dangerous for the Environment classification.

Clean Spirit is virtually odourless. Normal paint solvents usually have a very strong hydrocarbon smell that most users dislike, especially when using in confined areas. This means when painting internally, there is no requirement to open windows and doors as when using White Spirit, etc.

Clean Spirit is classified as non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive, resulting in a product that is much safer to use. This also means that it carries none of the label warnings of other paint solvents. There is no restriction on the sale of Clean Spirit and no need for the usual storage precautions associated with White Spirit, etc.

In recent years, the instability of world oil prices have resulted in massive price rises for hydrocarbon based solvents traditionally used in the paint industry. As there is only a small volume of solvent in Clean Spirit, costs will be more stable and not vary as widely. Clean Spirit is also extremely cost effective, currently costing less than White Spirit.

Clean Spirit Paint Wipes now also complement the range. Perfect for the fast and easy clean-up of wet oil and water based paint, varnish and other spills from hands, tools, windows, floors, glass and most other hard surfaces. Prevents sore hands and chapping associated with traditional paint solvents. Non-toxic and non-flammable with virtually no odour. Ideal around the home and for the professional decorator. The colour coded tub contains 80 extra-large heavy duty wipes, available at just £3.38

Clean Spirit is available to purchase in 750 ml, 2 Litre and 4 Litre sizes, at £1.02, £2.76 and £4.84 respectively. Just click the link to go straight to the product page.

*All prices inclusive of VAT. Shipping calculated at checkout.

Here Today, But Not For Long.

Announcing the addition of two new products to our ranks, from our friends at Method.

First up is a Washing Up liquid or Dish Soap as it is called in the colonies, Honeycrisp Apple.


All the same great cleaning power of Methods normal washing up liquid but as the name suggests the fragrance is of fresh crisp apple and the sweet aroma of honey, reminiscent of a fairground Toffee Apple stall.

Secondly is a new All Purpose Surface Cleaner, Sunset Beach.


Great cleaning power that you can use on Counters, Tiles, Stone, Wood and Glass. This cleaner has a unique fragrance that immediately invokes a vision of a warm tropical beach and suntan oil.

Both of these are available to buy right now, but, there is a sting in the tail. Both these products are strictly limited editions due to the one off designs and once stock has gone, it is extremely unlikely we can get them again.


In the past, these limited design bottles have become collectable by aficionados of domestic design and can be hotly sought after, so don’t delay and pick up one right now, they could be worth a pretty penny down the road.

Genuine Karcher Glass Cleaner Concentrate – Now In Stock


A lot of you have gone out and purchased the Karcher Window Vac, great aren’t they, quick and easy to use with no drips or streaks or mess, just like having your very own professional window cleaner to hand.

Until very recently, you pretty much had to make do with whatever detergent or window cleaning agent you could buy to use with it but a lot of you were not completely happy with the results, after all, most common glass cleaners and detergents are not formulated to be used with a machine like that, they rely on old fashioned elbow grease to buff out the streaks with a cloth after application.

A lot of people have turned to high end window cleaners and used with great success, in particular.

HG Hagesan Window Cleaner  It works very well with the Karcher Window Vac and does a great job.

Finally, Karcher have released their own Glass Cleaner Concentrate.


It is specially formulated to work with all models of the Window Vac and is even suited to manual cleaning if you so desire.

It has a very fresh and pleasant odour, like freshly laundered cotton sheets is the best way to describe it and is super concentrated so a little goes a long way.

If you have made the investment of having one of these Window Vacs and believe me, if you have the opportunity to buy one, do so, because they really do save a lot of time and effort, especially with patio doors, then you really want a good quality cleaning agent to go with it.

Windolene – It’s Back, As Good As Ever!


Every once in a while, if the stars align and the wind blows from the right direction, miracles can happen.

Windolene was an essential item in many many households for years and when it was discontinued, it left a huge hole that current window cleaners were unable to fill. Some companies tried a similar formula with varying degrees of success, Tableau managed to get the closest with their Pink Window Cream even replicating the smell of the original Windolene.

Over at Reckitt Benckiser, the company that made Windolene originally, someone was actually listening to the public, they realised that there was still a huge demand for Windolene, so they decided to reactivate the old formula and re-introduce the product to the market.

And it is here! after months and months of quiet speculation and rumour, Windolene, the original, non smear, pink cream is finally available to buy once more and we have it in stock right now.

Available as a single bottle or as a pack of 3 or if you feel the need to really stock up, a case of 6. Please click HERE to be taken directly to the product page and bring back an old favourite to your kitchen cupboard today.