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Granite Gold Stock Is On The Horizon…

Quite literally as it happens. In fact, if you stand on the high water mark on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland with a good pair of binoculars, you could probably see the ship.

We have been reliably informed the the ship will make port on the 29th January conditions permitting. Give it a couple of days to unload and sort our stock out, a few more days for it to get inspected and passed through customs and then delivered to us, we should have the stock on the shelves 2nd week of February.

In anticipation of this joyous arrival, we have opened pre-orders for the stock items that were currently out of stock.

To make a pre-order, just order through the website as normal and we will dispatch the item(s) as soon as they are booked in. If you wish to order other products as well as place a pre-order, you can submit the one cart including the Granite Gold item you want, we will just hold dispatching the whole order until we can include the Granite Gold item or alternatively submit a separate order for the Granite Gold item separately from the other products.

Granite Gold Natural Stone Care Products have been produced in the USA for over 60 years and are widely regarded as one of the best family of products for this market and Homecare Essentials are proud to be the only “official” stockists in the UK.

Presenting The Homecare Essentials, Great British Bake Off, Kitchen Survival Kit!

It’s that time of year again, when the nations eyes are glued to the telly and kitchens all over the country quake in fear as people with big dreams and aspirations that far outweigh their ability, attempt to channel a spray tanned Liverpudlian and a Pensioner and join the circus that is The Great British Bake Off.

The last time GBBO graced our Tv screens, we were inundated with requests for oven specific cleaners and Hob cleaners and pretty much anything that could clean up an exploded Victoria Sponge or get molten Jam the consistency of lava off the cooker.

This year, we have pre-empted the requests and put together two Kitchen Survival Kits, that will have you covered for just about any biscuit or pie related disaster you can think of.

Kitchen Survival Kit 1 has been carefully crafted to cover a kitchen that utilises Ceramic, Halogen or Induction hobs. The three main products are HG Hagesan Grease Away, This has been married with Hg Hagesan Oven, Grill and BBQ cleaner and also Hg Hagesan Ceramic Hob Daily Use Cleaner. These three products will have no problems removing or cleaning up baked on cake batter or burnt in Jam.


Kitchen Survival Kit 2 Has been designed for a kitchen that cooks on Gas. The three main products are the same except we have substituted the Ceramic Daily Use Cleaner for Problem Solved Gas Burner Cleaner.


With both of these Kits, we are throwing in a FREE Non stick reusable Oven liner which is worth £3.30 on its own. Place the oven liner on the bottom of your oven to catch any little overspills and save you some time and effort later.

I personally love GBBO, like many blokes around the country over the next few weeks, I know I will be turning to my missus after watching Paul Hollywood deride some poor guy about the quality of his buns and say

“I can do better than that!”

Driving In Summer Could Cost You More Than You Think.

A nice sunny day, top down, the open road and the wind in your hair, Maybe a trip to the coast or just head off into the countryside, we all love a nice trip out. Problem is when you finally get back home again, does your car look like this at all?



It looks like you have half the country’s bug population splattered all over your paintwork and windscreen. Bugs on the windscreen are a major problem, especially if you still have miles to go before your destination, not only do they look horrible but they pose a danger to your visual acuity and the wipers and screen wash only tend to make matters worse.

stock-photo-92967415-dead-bugs-on-a-windshield bug-windshield-300x225


It is vital that you take the time to get the remains off your paintwork as soon as possible and I mean as soon as possible, not next Sunday when you were planning to wash the car, I mean right now.

All us motorists know about bird droppings and the effect they have on your lovely shiny paintwork, well you may not realise that insides of your average bug is highly acidic so you can imagine what damage the couple of hundred or so currently adorning your bonnet and front bumper is doing to your finish if you do not act quickly.

A bucket and sponge and warm soapy water won’t get the job done, it may remove the lumpy bits, but not without some considerable effort, especially if you have left them to mature for a few days, but at that point, the damage has already been done and your pristine shine has turned to this.


Once it has reached that stage, you are going to need professional help or worse a respray and both those options can cost ££££££’s.

A much more wallet friendly approach is to use a dedicated bug remover, one of the best is by McKlords who make the best selling Inspired range of cleaning products.


The V12 Advanced Bug and Tar Remover is specially formulated to remove the bugs with ease without undue elbow grease and will not leave any streaks. It does this in a fraction of the time it will take with ordinary soap and water and will not damage the paint or leave a residue when dry. It also works on the glass of your windscreen and the plastics of your headlamps and number plates.

Personally, I keep a bottle in the glovebox along with a good microfibre cloth, that way I can tackle the bugs as soon as I get home. Click the green link above and purchase some for yourself, you won’t regret it.

It’s Here!! Granite Gold Has Arrived!!

After 40+ days at sea and a journey of over 10,000 miles, Our shipment of Granite Gold products has finally docked in our stock room where our warehouse gnomes are hard at work getting it unpacked and shelved ready for your orders.

Included in the shipment of over 100 boxes are three brand new products that have never seen the light of day upon our green and pleasant shores before along with established best sellers such as the Granite Gold Daily Cleaner and the Granite Gold Polish.


First up we have the incredible Granite Gold All-Surface Cleaner.

Deep cleaning goodness that is specially formulated to work on Stainless Steel, Mirrors, Glass, Appliances, Brass and Copper and also Natural Stone. Pretty much all the household surfaces you may have in your home.

Next up is the amazing Granite Gold Squeeze and Mop Floor Cleaner.

Designed to quickly deep clean Granite, Marble, Travertine and all other Natural Stone and Ceramic Tile floors. No rinsing for ages and no bucket required just Squeeze and Mop for a beautiful streak free clean and shine.

Finally we have the brilliant Granite Gold Clean and Shine.

It both cleans and polishes in one easy step for Granite, Marble and all other Natural Stone and Quartz surfaces. Leaves a streak free finish that helps resist water spots, soap scum and fingerprints.

Previously, cleaning and protecting Granite or Natural Stone floors and worktops required different products with different properties, not with Granite Gold, manufactured in Southern California where the prevalence is for Natural Stone floors and surfaces because it keeps houses cool, they have been producing for over 60 years. Now we can also benefit from their more than half a century of knowledge and experience.

Please click on the product links in green above to be taken to the product pages where you can get more in-depth information into these amazing products.

Top Of The Shop – July

Welcome to our monthly top 10 best sellers from the previous month. Summer can’t seem to make up its mind if it is staying or just passing through but that has not stopped you shopping. Let’s have a look at last month’s best sellers.

*cue Led Zeppelin – A whole lotta Love*

New at N°10Kilrock Spirits of Salt 500ml.

Also new at N°9Vim Classic Scourer 500g.

Another new entry at N°8 – Hotspot Black Stove and Grate Polish 170g.

Up 2 places at N°7Kilrock Meltaway Fridge De-Icer.

Yet another new entry at N°6 – Zero In Clothes Moth Killer 300ml.

Up 3 places to N°5 – Pure Spa Hot Tub Surface Cleaner.

Up 2 places to N°4 – Inspired Mattress Stain Remover.

Our highest new entry at N°3 – Supafix Felt Guard Protector Pads Pack of 27.


Holding at N°2 – Original Barkeepers Friend Bundle Pack.


Up 4 places at N°1 – HG Hagesan Window Cleaner 500ml.


That’s it for another month, will HG Window Cleaner be top next month? stay tuned to find out.

A Word From Our Customers.

Most of us take cleaning the house for granted, just a chore that we have to endure to avoid mice and bugs and things and also because who doesn’t want a clean place to live.

For some though, cleaning the house can be dangerous to their health. A lot of off the shelf cleaning products have caustic ingredients (that’s why they are good at cleaning) and these ingredients give off vapours that if you suffer from any sort of respiratory problems could have dire consequences.

Some companies now have alternative cleaners that help to alleviate these problems, Method being one such company.

Posted below is a genuine feedback, left by a customer on 21st June.

I suffer with asthma and cleaning products trigger this off. I have been finding the usual branded name cleaning products more and more intolerable to use. They left my chest tight and wheezy after a deep clean. I researched the internet and found out that its the high “voc”levels and all the nasty toxic ingredients that left me short of breath. So I looked for some cleaning products that have low doses of these. Homecare essentials stock products by Method, so I ordered a shower spray, kitchen cleaner and multi purpose cleaner. Not only are these products fantastic! ( better cleaning power than my usual) but I no longer need to reach for my inhaler. I have now given my old products away and will be replacing them with products by Method. Honestly if sprays trigger your asthma, try them. I no longer dread cleaning day ( well, yes I do, I hate cleaning) but I no longer suffer because of it. They also smell divine and are so gentle, you don’t need rubber gloves either.”  – Dean Grayson.

Thank you Dean for the feedback. Just knowing we have made a small difference in a persons life certainly gives me the “warm and fuzzies” and thanks to Dean, we can now advise other customers with similar issues to try the → METHOD ← range of cleaning and washing products, all natural ingredients and hypoallergenic.

Urban Fox – Friend or Foe?

Ever seen a Fox in your garden?

Where we live, foxes are quite common, around the Villages are lots of fields and hedgerows and quite a few areas of woodland which is perfect “fox country”.

You maybe surprised to learn that there are more “urban foxes” in the UK than rural ones. Foxes are extremely adaptable creatures and can generally thrive in most environments including a cityscape. With the increasing demand for housing and the ever expanding urban areas, the foxes natural habitat is changing.


Being forced into an urban environment, the fox has a ready made food supply, No! it is not your pet cat, infact a fox is only just larger than an average sized cat and in a fight, 9 times out of 10 the cat would wipe the floor with a fox. Foxes tend to receive food from us, most city dwellers will happily feed a fox or leave food for one if they know there is one living in their vicinity. Once a fox knows there is a ready made food supply at hand (or Paw) it will return to that place frequently and they will approach a human if it knows it can receive food, they will even try and enter a house through an open door or a cat flap to look for food.

Just make sure any small pets are kept secured if you know there are foxes in your area, anything smaller than a cat is fair game to a fox, with rabbits and rodents being it’s preferred choice as this is what would be hunted in the wild. There was a story recently of a baby being snatched by a fox, thankfully the child wasn’t badly hurt and those sort of instances are beyond rare. Foxes are very timid and will run rather than fight (unless it is cornered).

If you do have foxes in your vicinity and want to try and avoid them coming into your garden, there are a couple of products that you can put down which will not hurt the fox or any pets you may have.

The first is Inspired Fox Repellent Spray. For £3.41 plus shipping for 500ml, Just spray around the areas of entry to your garden and any areas you think have been frequented by the fox. This will mask any territorial marking made by the fox and give off an odour that foxes find unpalatable. it has the added bonus of keeping strays out too.

The second is Garden Genie Fox Repellent Concentrate. Also £3.41 plus shipping for 500ml, It works exactly the same as the Inspired spray but is a concentrated form which you dilute and works over time, this gives a continuing deterrence and again is pet safe.

Personally, I think foxes are beautiful creatures, they are vastly more intelligent than your average dog and have gotten a bad press over the last few years, As we encroach more and more into their habitat, it is only fair they encroach into ours and I for one will always encourage a fox to come into my garden.



Photograph Showcase Number 6

Slight departure from the usual format for this month, as we have already showcased last months best seller earlier in the year, we decided to pick a product from further down the list.

Once again, we sent our roving photographer, Mike Allwood, rambling through the local countryside to find the best locale to highlight our product and as usual he has done an outstanding job.

Presenting “Wood Silk Triumphant”


To purchase your own can of Aristowax Wood Silk Furniture Polish, click here to be taken to the product page on our website.

You can check out more of Mike’s work at his website here.


Genuine Karcher Glass Cleaner Concentrate – Now In Stock


A lot of you have gone out and purchased the Karcher Window Vac, great aren’t they, quick and easy to use with no drips or streaks or mess, just like having your very own professional window cleaner to hand.

Until very recently, you pretty much had to make do with whatever detergent or window cleaning agent you could buy to use with it but a lot of you were not completely happy with the results, after all, most common glass cleaners and detergents are not formulated to be used with a machine like that, they rely on old fashioned elbow grease to buff out the streaks with a cloth after application.

A lot of people have turned to high end window cleaners and used with great success, in particular.

HG Hagesan Window Cleaner  It works very well with the Karcher Window Vac and does a great job.

Finally, Karcher have released their own Glass Cleaner Concentrate.


It is specially formulated to work with all models of the Window Vac and is even suited to manual cleaning if you so desire.

It has a very fresh and pleasant odour, like freshly laundered cotton sheets is the best way to describe it and is super concentrated so a little goes a long way.

If you have made the investment of having one of these Window Vacs and believe me, if you have the opportunity to buy one, do so, because they really do save a lot of time and effort, especially with patio doors, then you really want a good quality cleaning agent to go with it.

Photograph Showcase Number 5

Welcome to our monthly photo showcase highlighting our best selling product from the previous month.

This month, we are having a slight change from the usual format.

To celebrate the return of a hugely missed cleaning essential and the turn of the seasons, we sent our roving photographer Mike Allwood out and about to find the perfect place that encapsulates both. As always, you can see more of Mike’s incredible work on his website found HERE.

So without further ado, presenting the return of WINDOLENE IN THE SPRING.

windoline bluebells-7830