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e-cloth Flexi-Edge Floor and Wall Duster (Ref: FWD)

e-cloth Flexi-Edge Floor and Wall Duster Replacement Head (Ref: FWDH)

e-cloth Classic Mop (Ref: CM)

e-cloth Bathroom and Tile Mop (Ref: BTM)

e-cloth Replacment Classic Mop Head (Ref: CMH)

e-cloth Replacment Bathroom and Tile Mop Head (Ref: BTMH)

e-cloth Coffee Machine Pack (Ref: CMP)

e-cloth Pen Refill Spray (Ref: PTS)

e-cloth Pad and Tablet Cleaning Kit (Ref: PTK)

Command Mini Clear Hooks Value Pack (Ref: W4398)

Bolaseca Scented Refill Granules 450g (Ref: STX81303)

Bolaseca Mini Moisture Absorber Floral (Ref: STX81293)

Bolaseca Mini Moisture Absorber Lavender (Ref: STX81294)

Bolaseca Moisture Absorber Dome (Ref: STX81295)

Bolaseca Moisture Absorber Super Tablet Refill 450g (Ref: STX81300)

Bolaseca Hanging Moisture Absorber Fresh Scent (Ref: STX81297)

Moisture Absorber Non-scented Tablets Refill 3x 450g (Ref: STX81301)

Bolaseca Moisturer Absorber Promo Pack (Ref: STX81299)

Bolaseca Sented Universal Moisture Absorber Refill Bags 3x 450g (Ref: STX81304)

Bolaseca Moisture Absorber Maxi-Plus 2 x450g (Ref: STX81298)



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HG Hagesan Hygienic Whirlpool Cleaner (Ref: HG196)

ALM QT028 Plastic Strimmer Blades Bosch and Qualcast (Ref: QT028)

HG Hagesan Stove Glass Cleaner (Ref: HG341)

HG Hagesan Protective Coating Satin Finish (Satin Gloss Polish) 1 Litre (HGP14) (Ref: HGP14)

HG Hagesan Mould Spray (Ref: HG260)

Command Decorating Clips (Ref: W4373)

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Spa Bath Sanitiser Tablets (Ref: SPA01)

Green Shield Conditioning Leather Surface Wipes (Ref: W0205)

Kilrock Moisture Absorber Crystals 2.5kg (Ref: KILR25kg)

HG Blue Professional Limescale Remover 1 Litre (Ref: HG120)

HG Hagesan Laminate Gloss Coating (Ref: HG208)

Bartoline Teak Oil 5 Litres (Ref: STX623481)

HG Hagesan Eliminator of all Unpleasant Smells at Source (Ref: HG154)

Kilrock Granite and Marble Cleaner (Ref: BLK-GRANITE)

Command Large Picture Strips (Ref: W4341)

Original Bar Keepers Friend Bundle Pack (Ref: BKR-BUNDLE)

6 x Yogi Tea Licorice (Ref: YOGI7-6)

Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips (Ref: W4372)

No More Spiders Spider Repellent Spray (Ref: 872336)

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