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Posted in Announcement on 14th November 2017

For the first time on our website, presenting to you our new range of Stovax Fireside Products.

Stovax are mainly known for producing wood burning stoves, hearth mounted fires, built in and wall mounted fires, fireplaces and mantels, fire baskets and accessories to accentuate your hearth and home.

It is the accessories that we have joined in by taking onboard their specially produced range of cleaning products designed for stoves and fireplaces.

Included in the range is

Stove Glass Cleaner Spray - Specially formulated to cut through soot and creosote stains on the glass of your stove door and leave it looking as though it had never been used.

Slate Dressing Oil - Cleans and polishes any slate surface, brings dirty and dull slate back to life.

Limestone Cleaner Spray - A gentle formula to clean Limestone and other soft natural stone fireplaces that cannot stand up to normal caustic cleaners.

Clear Glass Cleaner Gel - A gel cleaner that can be applied directly to the glass of your stove or fire door that will literally eat away hardened tar and soot.

Black Grate Polish - A tube of graphite coloured polish designed to restore tired and faded fire grates and ranges.

Smoke Pellets - An indoor, safe to use smoke flare that will give you a visual indicator if your chimney or flue has any air leaks or blockages.

If you have a woodburning stove or just a good old fashioned open fire, Stovax fireside products are the ones you need to clean and maintain the hearth in your home.

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