We are back and better than ever.

Posted in Announcement on 22nd September 2017


After months of sweat, tears, swearing, emails, telephone calls, some blood and countless gallons of coffee interspersed with the odd glass of Lagavulin, we are finally live with our all singing, all dancing, brand spanking new website.

It's been a long and often winding road but we are very, very pleased with the finished article and we hope you are as well. The whole site has been built from the ground up from scratch and is purpose built for our and your needs.

Some of the many features that are new, include:

  • Customers can save their details with their own account page which saves your previous orders also so you can see what you have purchased before.
  • Easy to navigate menus and an intuitive search engine, to enable you all to easily find the product you are after.
  • A shopping cart that calculates the shipping cost up front before any commitment to pay is required.
  • A single page checkout.

And much more besides. One of the nice new functions we have now is the ability to add promotions on the fly and to offer specific discounts on specific items (believe me, the old website, this was difficult in the extreme and took a lot of planning to accomplish which is why we almost never did them).

Now we are finally running, I can start producing blogs again, it has been a while apart from the odd piece of news, my time has been pretty much given over to getting this site up and running and now that has been accomplished, I have a bit more time to devote to you guys and hopefully I can get back to producing content here a couple of times a week.

This is all I have for the time being, we have a lot of plans going forward and it is going to be an exciting journey for all of us.

Until next time.


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