Aristowax Products of Norwich, the furniture polish connoisseurs, market a range of furniture care items
each of which has a significant point of difference and are unique on an international basis. 

"The first product to be introduced, Aristowax Non Silicone 'Wood Silk' aerosol. 
The non-silicone positioning has proven to have strong appeal with an increasing consumer awareness
that silicones may damage the finish of furniture." 

Aristowax says two of Aristowax Wood Silk One's unique selling points are that it is based on an organic
platform and is I00% natural. 

The name One is an acronym for Only Natural Elements. 
With Aristowax Wood Silk Advanced Furniture Polish, Aristowax uses advanced technology to lock the
fragrance into millions of tiny microcapsules which are released when spraying, when polishing with a
duster or at a later date when dry dusting with or without the use of polish. 

"When developing this product Aristowax paid great attention to the customers needs and wants. 
As well as bridging the gap between the furniture polish and aircare markets, blind tests have
confirmed that Aristowax Wood Silk Advanced Furniture Polish is superior to competition in
terms of the two critical factors: quickness and depth of shine." 

Homecare Essentials are proud to stock the full range of
Aristowax Products.