John H. Fiebing, operating on a very limited budget and a vision, started the Fiebing Company in 1895 after working in the chemical department of a Milwaukee tannery.

One of the first products Fiebing manufactured was Saddle Soap.  Fiebing's Saddle Soap soon became so popular that the U.S. Cavalry at Fort Riley, Kansas used it exclusively to clean and preserve their saddles, tack and other leather equipment.  Due to the overwhelming use of Fiebing's products in the U.S. Cavalry, the company designed a logo portraying a mounted Cavalryman; a logo that stands as a symbol of integrity and quality to this day.
In the early 20th Century, the market for quality horse care and saddle care products was booming as the horse was the main mode of transportation throughout the United States.   Almost all working horses were equipped with leather harnesses and saddles, all requiring constant care.  The thriving horse marketplace opened the door for horse care products and the Fiebing Company seized the opportunity with products such as Hoof Dressing, a horse care staple then and now.

In 1929, John Fiebing sold the Fiebing Company to his chief marketing office, Albert Chase, who ran the company until 1947 when his son Albert V. Chase, Jr. took over the reins.  Since then the Fiebing Company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of Leather Dyes and Finishes in the world.  This, along with the growing Western and English rider markets, led to the development of a variety of polishes, cleaners and conditioners for leather as well as equine grooming products.

Since 1984, Richard Chase has been the president of the Fiebing Company.  Acquisitions of the George J. Kelly Shoe Polish Company and the Snow-Proof Company further solidified Fiebing as a major producer of leather care products.  All of these tried and true products are now manufactured at the Fiebing plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has established the Fiebing Company as one of the premier shoe polish and shoe care product companies in the world.

The Fiebing Company is proud to now have the 4th generation of Chase's as part of the executive management team that is guiding Fiebing to even greater successes in the 21st Century.  Whether it is Horse Care, Leather Care, Shoe Care, leather dyes or finishes that you need, you can always rely on Fiebing's for quality and customer satisfaction.